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About Us

Since 1958, Naugatuck Family Chiropractic has been helping adults and children of all ages regain and maintain a higher level of health safely and naturally.   Established in 1958, our office has been a staple in the Naugatuck community for improved health and well-being through specific corrective Chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic is the science which is concerned with the relationship between the spine and nerve system, and how that relationship affects your health. Chiropractic does not use drugs, surgery or needles. It is a health care approach designed to remove the cause of your problems instead of masking the symptoms.

Whether you have had a recent injury or not, symptoms in your body can develop such as pain, numbness, tingling and headaches that were never meant to be masked, numbed or ignored. Symptoms are the way your body gets your attention. Behind every symptom is a cause. Behind every cause is an opportunity to improve your overall health. Only eliminating symptoms is similar to drying a floor that is getting wet from a water leak, but not fixing the leak itself. The true cause of the problem is not repaired. Ask yourself what is your primary interest, getting rid of the symptoms or getting rid of the symptoms AND THE CAUSE?
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Why does Chiropractic work? Your NERVE system controls EVERY function in your body. It controls all of your muscles, tissues and internal organs. Minor interruptions to the nerve system cause malfunction. Major interruptions to the nerve system cause paralysis and death. Since all of your nerves originate from the spinal cord, spinal bone misalignments are a common cause of nerve interference (interruption). 

 A spinal bone that has shifted out of its normal position (or has lost proper mobility) resulting in nerve pressure is called a Subluxation. The subluxation is a structural displacement or malfunction that cannot be corrected with drugs. For example, misaligned teeth get braces, not drugs. Getting your spine checked for subluxations may be the single most beneficial thing you can do to assure your own good health and improve longevity!

Common symptoms originating from one or multiple spinal subluxations may include:

  Headaches /Migraines Neck Pain
  Sinuses /congestion
  Hip pain
  Shortness of Breath
  Ear Pain/Infections
  Muscle Spasms

Back Pain
Whiplash Symptoms
Arm/Hand Pain
Sciatica/Leg Pain                                                        
Tingling Shoulder pain 


Common causes of spinal subluxation may include:

  Spinal Trauma
  Poor Posture
  Work Injuries
  Car Accidents
  Sports Injuries

Sitting/Standing all Day
Poor Biomechanics
Birth Process